Terms & Privacy Policy


Terms & Privacy Policy

1. Terms of Use

a) Using our website would automatically make you to abide by the rules and regulations that we have framed for this site. We expect you to read all the terms of use carefully before you sign up with us. The content of this website is protected by copyright and can not be used without written permission by us.

b) Any software or any other form of resource which is downloaded from this website by the user is only meant for personal use. It can neither be used for commercial reasons, nor can it be edited or tampered in any way or could be passed on to a third person without our explicit permission. Any such act would be considered as a breach of trust and would be liable for legal action.

This includes, but is not limited to:

1) Editing the original documents, software or any other content, which has been downloaded from our website.

2) Using any software or content downloaded from our website for commercial reasons.

3) Forwarding any software or content downloaded from our website to a third person without our written consent.

4) Making any software or content downloaded from our website readily available for public by using its mirror.

5) Removing watermarks or credits from any content downloaded from our site or tampering it in any other way.

6) If a user of this website is found to be guilty of any of the above, then his account will be terminated with immediate effect. Serious threats can also result in legal action taken against the user.

3. Disclaimer

All the information and content available on this website shall be deemed 'as is'. All the Advertisers and Publishers on our website are independent identities and are not personally related to us. In any case, we shall not be held liable for their acts in any ways. Nor shall we be responsible for the misfortunes that you are subjected to, while using and dealing within this site. User of this website are expected to use their own discretion to avoid any misfortunes.

4. Limitations

We are not linked with any of the service provider on this website. Hence, we shall not be held liable for their acts. Our commitment is limited to our terms of service, mentioned explicitly in written and we shall not, in any case be responsible for the acts done by the independent members using this site.

5. Revisions and Errata

The content available on this website may have clerical as well as technical errors. We try our best to provide the most useful information to the user, yet, we do not vouch for its accuracy or authenticity. Timely updates are made on this website to keep the content up to date. The same however is neither committed nor can it be guaranteed. The readers should use the information available on this website as per their own discretion and risk.

6. Links

Links placed by the users of this site are not reviewed by us. Hence, we can not vouch for them and thus we can not be held liable for any consequences caused by the same. Users should use their own discretion before clicking a link.

7. Site Terms of Use Modifications

We revise our terms and conditions on a timely basis but we may revise them at any time without any prior notice to the users. These terms and conditions will then become active with immediate effect and will supersede all previous amendments.

8. Governing Law

This site comes under Jurisdiction and all the disputes concerned with this site are to be subjected to the same.

9. Refund Policy

All digital goods and services purchased are not exchangeable or refundable

10. Payouts

Users can ask for a Payout once the ads are served and finished the 30 days term. Credit can be paid directly to paypal and should be asked via the Payout option on your User Panel within 12 Months, otherwise the credit will be cleaned automatically and can not be added again.

10. 30 day+ Ads.

If a 30 day+ advertisment is sold, the publisher will be able to get the funds after the ad have been expired.


Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and under no circumstances shall we give out your personal information to a third party, unless it is requested by law of the state.

We clearly indicate the purpose of collecting your personal information and are committed to abide by the same and we will not, in any case use this information for any purpose than then one explicitly mentioned while collecting the same.

We also pay due attention to protect your privacy from being leaked out for any kind of misuse and make sure that it remains safe with us.

We are committed to provide you a safe and enjoyable experience on our site and will try to take care of all your concerns to the best of our potential. In case of any further query, you may please contact us and we shall get back to you at our earliest.